Update on Ash Tree Treatment

Since our original assessment of the ash trees in Gompers Park, when we determined that 47 trees were treatable, we have narrowed down out treatment list to 30 trees that we believe have a good chance of surviving the emerald ash borer if they receive treatment.
In early July, we reviewed our original list with a Chicago Park District arborist, who toured the park with a small group of us to further inspect the ash trees.
He was able to point things out to the group that we did not take into account on our initial assessment- including branching patterns that made some trees weak to begin with, and trunk and bark injuries or “wounds” that would negatively impact the success of treatment, which is in the form of a chemical injected under the bark at the base of the tree.
Some trees that looked healthy and had most of their leaves during our original assessment in June, just one month later seemed to be thinner in terms of leaves at the crown, indicating worsening symptoms of emerald ash borer infestation.
GPAC has signed an agreement with a local tree care company to come out and treat the 30 trees on our final list after August 1. The cost of treatment is approximatley $3,000. Many people have stepped forward to make donations towards the ash tree treatment fund – THANK YOU!
There’s still time to donate- click the Donate button at the top of the page to make a donation through our secure Paypal account.

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