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Gompers Park volunteer stewardship calendar, 2016

Please join Gompers Park volunteers for a variety of activities including park clean up, mulching trees, invasive plant removal, plantings and more. Tools, gloves and refreshments provided. Meet at the Keeler parking lot (just south of Foster near the tennis courts).  Parking is available.  For more information contact or 773-710-7595. Volunteer Stewards coordinators:  Sharon Parmet, Gregory Pranski, Julie Newfeld

April 23 – 9-noon — Annual Earth Day Parks cleanup

May 14 –  9-noon – Chicago River Day

June 11 – 9-11 am

July 9 – 9-11am

August 23 -  9-11am

September 10 –   9-11am

October 8 – 9-11am

November 12  -9-11am

December 10 9 am-11am              

***Above is a general outline of planned activities which are subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen factors. To receive updated information. Send an email to and request to be added to our mailing list.

All ages are welcome to the Family Valentine Dance!
Friday, February 13 from 6:30 pm to 8 pm at the Gompers Park Field House at 4222 W. Foster.Bring your friends and family for a night of dancing, refreshments, crafts and activities!
Just $3 per person.
Dance lesson at 7 pm.
All children must be accompanied by an adult- no drop offs allowed.

Please RSVP to Jen O’Grady at .

Update on Ash Tree Treatment

Since our original assessment of the ash trees in Gompers Park, when we determined that 47 trees were treatable, we have narrowed down out treatment list to 30 trees that we believe have a good chance of surviving the emerald ash borer if they receive treatment.
In early July, we reviewed our original list with a Chicago Park District arborist, who toured the park with a small group of us to further inspect the ash trees.
He was able to point things out to the group that we did not take into account on our initial assessment- including branching patterns that made some trees weak to begin with, and trunk and bark injuries or “wounds” that would negatively impact the success of treatment, which is in the form of a chemical injected under the bark at the base of the tree.
Some trees that looked healthy and had most of their leaves during our original assessment in June, just one month later seemed to be thinner in terms of leaves at the crown, indicating worsening symptoms of emerald ash borer infestation.
GPAC has signed an agreement with a local tree care company to come out and treat the 30 trees on our final list after August 1. The cost of treatment is approximatley $3,000. Many people have stepped forward to make donations towards the ash tree treatment fund – THANK YOU!
There’s still time to donate- click the Donate button at the top of the page to make a donation through our secure Paypal account.



Please check back for upcoming events at Gompers Park.

Help the Gompers Park Advisory Council save our ash trees by making a donation to help with the cost of treatment.

Yesterday members of GPAC, the North River Commission and the Save Your Ash Coalition, identified, measured and assessed the overall health of the ash trees in Gompers Park as a preparatory step towards treating the trees for the emerald ash borer. With treatment, infested trees still posessing the majority of their leaves in June, and those that appear completely healthy, have a very good chance of surviving the emerald ash borer invasion that has been sweeping the United States. Without treatment, ALL ash trees will become infested and die.

Starting last summer, thansk to the efforts of the Save Your Ash Coalition, the Park District began allowing local park councils to arrange for the private treatment of ash trees to save them from emerald ash borer infestation and certain death.

Horner Park was the first to arrange for treatment- 66 of their ashes were treated, and today, 65 are still alive!

Now, Gompers Park has begin the process of getting our ash trees treated. The first step, undertaken this past Saturday, June 7, was data collection and assessment.

We counted a total of 95 ash trees – a combination of green ash, white ash, and purple ash – mostly in Big Gomps (Gompers Park north of Foster Ave.).

Of those 95 trees, 22 were dead- these were a combination of several large, older trees in Big Gomps with circumferences between 80 and 120 inches, and many smaller trees in both Big and Little Gomps.

Of the 69 living ash trees we counted, we determined that 47 are treatable. Twenty-two of the trees, while still alive, are not worth treating because they are already seriously invested with the emerald ash borer, and have less than 50 percent of their expected foliage. Many have less than 20 percent of their epected leaves.

The sizes of the 47 trees that are treatable range from 5 inches diameter (of the trunk at chest height) to 30 inches diameter. For reference, the three large shade trees in the Gompers Park playground – all very healthy ash trees as of this writing – are about 15-16 inches diameter.

Treatment of trees (using an injected chemical into the base of the tree trunk) is estimated to cost between $6 and $8 per inch diameter. So the playground trees will be about $90 to $128 each. But treatment last three years, at which point it needs to be applied again.

If you would like to make a donation to help save these beautiful trees, please donate here.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony North Mayfair Park Saturday,
November 23, 2013.