North Mayfair Improvement Association

The North Mayfair Improvement Association is a 501c3 community organization dedicated to representing the interests of North Mayfair, Chicago.

February NMIA meeting is cancelled. Please join the Alderman Candidate forum on February 4th at 7:00pm


The Value of NMIA Membership – Neighbors Creating A Vibrant Neighborhood

baseball t What can you get for ten bucks today? A few frappucinos. A few Happy Meals. One movie ticket. Fleeting satisfaction, right?
Well, you can feel good knowing that in North Mayfair, $10 still buys you a lot.
How does this sound? Neighborhood art. Sports team sponsorships. Nature walks. Parades. Movies in the Park. Social gatherings. School support. And more.
It’s true. $10, the cost of membership in NMIA, goes a very long way.In 2014, It helped produce an unforgettable Fourth of July parade.
Raised money to transform a viaduct with mural art. Introduced neighbors
to local restaurants like Ssyal, Hala Inn, Chicago Kalbi and others through the
North Mayfair Supper Club. Generously sponsored GPAC’s “Save the Ash Tree”
effort. Sponsored two baseball teams for boys and girls. Helped bring two
summertime Movies in the Park events to Gompers. Hosted monthly meetings
helping residents learn about building a business district, the impact of O’Hare
Modernization, flood control and more.NMIA troops spruced up Palmer’s landscape. Helped at Little Gompers Cleanup days.
Produced community forums. Created workshops to set priorities and dream.
Formed committees to make it all happen.

NMIA volunteers also keep Facebook lively with photos and news, and create The Improver
to keep everyone informed and inspired.

So if you’ve wondered what a $10 membership supports, in a nutshell, it’s this: thousands of hours of voluntarism, a commitment to making North Mayfair the community of our dreams and a legacy of resident participation that started way back in 1929.

palmer garden
gardeningnaser Let’s make this our best year yet. Join today!Everyday, NMIA members are somewhere doing something good for North Mayfair.

Join.Volunteer. Care.

Become a NMIA member.

mural 4th of july
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