North Mayfair Improvement Association

Please join us for our upcoming meeting:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Speaker for this meeting is Jeff Skrentny.  


“After a very successful 25+-year career in headhunting and sales training / management consulting for the recruiting and staffing profession, Jeff’s professional career had to be set aside to address an unexpected and urgent health issue in 2010. Four years later, Jeff’s healthcare mischief was managed, and in addition to getting back to his profession on a part-time basis, he was looking for additional ways to stay active and involved in his community.

Jeff found himself very involved in the Mighty Acorn Ecology Program his children were participating in with their school at LaBagh Woods; he found it easy to continue learning about birds and being a birder; and he was experimenting with his camera to document what he was seeing in the field. All these things would converge when he was introduced to the Centennial Volunteers who began doing restoration work at LaBagh Woods in the fall of 2014. When the Chicago Ornithological Organization became involved with the effort, all his interests were focused on one of his favorite birding locations, LaBagh Woods. In 2015, Jeff worked with the many groups who did restoration work at LaBagh, to add what vision, perspective and leadership he could, as well as giving time, energy and his modest photography skills to document what wildlife was already at LaBagh Woods, as well as to help with the restoration that was being done there to make LaBagh a healthier and more vibrant urban wild place right here in Chicago.”

Session Summary

Beginning in the fall of 2014, LaBagh Woods began undergoing a restoration transformation as part of the Habitat 2030 initiative taking place in the 70,000 acres of the Cook County Forest Preserve holdings. Beginning in January of 2015, Jeff spent over 1000 hours walking in, working in, and taking photographs in, LaBagh Woods as the restoration changes began to take place. Join Jeff February 3rd, 2016, at 645pm as he shares with the North Mayfair Neighborhood Association, what LaBagh Woods is, how it was formed, some brief history of it, as well sharing with you an overview of the wildlife that Jeff documented there in 2015. Jeff will also share a brief vision of the restoration work going on at LaBagh, what its goals are, and what the near and short term goals are of the work being done there. He will end with some quick reminders of how you, the neighbors of LaBagh, can help to keep it a healthy and vibrant wild space as the restoration team reinvigorates this special, and vital, urban woods.

Following Jeff’s presentation any interested can make a bird feeder from natural material.  Please bring an orange or grapefruit to the meeting to use as the shell.  All other supplies will be available for your use.

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